Nunasi Helicopters A-Star at a right water meeting. Taloyoak, 2000.

Candidate Applications
Please note that it can take as much as 4 to 6 weeks to process a candidate application. We cannot accept you as a candidate until we have your application, fee, and transcript. Notifications are sent by email unless you have specified an alternative method.

Click here to download the candidate application.

You are required to contact your institute and have them send us your transcript. We do not accept transcripts sent from the candidate.

Fee Structure:

Option #1 Candidates from University of New Brunswick’s BScE in Geomatics Engineering, or Bachelors of Geomatics, University of Calgary’s Geomatics Engineering Degree program, York University’s BEng in Geomatics Engineering, or programs that CBEPS has established exemptions for (presently Lethbridge College, Red River College, Centre of Geographic Sciences, BCIT, SAIT, NAIT, Saskatchewan Polytechnic, and College of the North Atlantic) – $200.00

Option #2 Candidates from Canadian institutions that have not been granted exemptions – $400.00


If you are a foreign-trained candidate emigrating to Canada, you will need to go here to apply.