Exemptions to writing some or all CBEPS examinations are granted to candidates who have graduated from an accredited University degree program or from a Technical Institute diploma program that has been granted equivalencies.

For the Fall 2020 semester (and in the case of University of New Brunswick, the Winter 2021 semester as well), universities are offering online courses matched with the CBEPS subjects.  See below.

CBEPS candidates who are not taking an accredited university program and are applying for CBEPS exemptions can avail themselves of the following exception:

For courses taken in the winter semester of 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic, where a candidate is seeking an exemption from writing CBEPS subjects examination CBEPS will accept a “pass” mark or equivalent instead of a specific mark such as 70 or a letter grade.


  • University exemptions are based on the program accreditation carried out by the Canadian Board of Examiners for Professional Surveyors.
  • In order to receive an exemption a candidate must have graduated from the program and obtained their degree.

Technical Institutes:

  • Exemptions to CBEPS examinations for graduates of technical colleges are generally based upon the results of an application by the college to the CBEPS for equivalencies. Upon review of the application, the CBEPS can exempt graduates of the colleges programs from writing certain Core and Elective examinations.
  • Equivalencies granted to colleges are valid for 5 years from the effective date unless there are substantial course changes.
  • Unless mentioned otherwise, in order to receive an exemption, the minimum pass mark on any required single course is 60% and where more than one course is required for the equivalent CBEPS examination, the average of the marks must be 60% or more.

All candidates who have graduated from a surveying or geomatics program at an accredited university or technical college that has been granted equivalencies five years or longer prior to making application for CBEPS exemptions will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. The information to be provided to the Registrar in order to allow the CBEPS to make such an evaluation is outlined in the application policy.

The Board may exempt a candidate from writing an examination in any subject set out in the Core and Elective examinations, if the candidate demonstrates to the satisfaction of the Board that the candidate has sufficient knowledge to be eligible for such an exemption.

Universities and Technical Institutes Having Received Accreditation

The following are universities and technical colleges whose graduates are exempt from some or all CBEPS Core and/or Elective examinations. For each, listed are the exempted examinations, effective date of the exemption, the necessary course or courses that the candidate must have taken at the institute and finally whether the course is within the institute’s degree or diploma program.

York University – Lassonde School of Engineering

Graduates of the Lassonde School of Engineering Bachelor of Engineering (BEng) in Geomatics Engineering Degree Program shall be exempted from writing all Core and Elective examinations except for subjects C10 – Land Use Planning & Economics of Land Surveying.

2020/2021 York University Geomatics Courses

University of New Brunswick

Graduates of UNB’s Geomatics Engineering program or Bachelor of Geomatics program shall be exempted from writing all Core and Elective examinations if they have taken the “Cadastral” option (this is mentioned on the candidate transcript). If not, they are required to write examinations C9 Survey Law and C10 Land Use Planning.

Graduates who have taken courses GGE 5011 Oceanography, tides and water levels and GGE 5012 Marine geology and geophysics shall be awarded an exemption from elective subject E2 Advanced Hydrographic Surveying which is required to apply for the Canadian Hydrographer Certification Scheme.

Please also note UNB’s online courses listed below.

University of Calgary

Graduates of University of Calgary’s Geomatics Engineering program shall be exempted from writing all Core and Elective examinations if they have taken the “Concentration in Cadastral Surveying”  (this is mentioned on the candidate transcript) or if they have completed the courses required for the Concentration (ENGO 443, ENGO 545, ENGO 579, ENGO 581, BSEN 395, and one of ENGO 451, ENGO 531, or ENGO 559).  If not, they are required to write examinations for C3 – Advanced Surveying, C9 – Survey Law, C10 – Land Use Planning, C11 – Business Practices & the Profession, C12 – Hydrographic Surveying, and one elective examination.

Online Courses for CBEPS Subjects

Exemptions by Institute

Athabasca University

British Columbia Institute of Technology

College of Geographic Sciences


Lethbridge College

Northern Alberta Institute of Technology

Red River College

Saskatchewan Polytechnic

Southern Alberta Institute of Technology

University of Calgary

University of New Brunswick