Nunasi Helicopters A-Star at a right water meeting. Taloyoak, 2000.


We are phasing out the in-person, paper-based examinations at the end of October 2026. Meanwhile, both that and the new system will run concurrently.

Pre 2023 Syllabus
For those who became candidates prior to 2023, you may continue with the old syllabus, as long as you complete all subjects (through exams, exemptions, or a combination) by the end of the October 2026 exam session. After this, all candidates will be moved to the new National Syllabus.

2023 Syllabus
Replacing the previous exams, there will be two ways to obtain the CBEPS Certificate of Completion:

  1. Completing an online surveying/geomatics engineering degree through a CBEPS accredited educational institution;
  2. Completing all the requirements of the new CBEPS National Syllabus through online or in-person courses that meet the CBEPS requirements.