Survey Law Online Course

The Survey Law 1 course is being offered by CBEPS and AOLS through Four Point Learning starting September 1, 2022. CBEPS will award exemptions from both C8 – Cadastral Studies and C9 – Survey Law to candidates upon successful completion of both courses Survey Law 1 and Survey Law 2 (but not comingled) with a passing mark of 60% calculated as the average of the final grade obtained in each of the two 4PL survey law courses. The Survey Law 2 course will be offered again in January, 2023.

Survey Law 1 provides a foundation for professional surveyors to integrate legal principles, legislation and regulations within the overall framework of property boundary surveys. The course will be taught online Wednesday evenings by Izaak de Rijcke. These “live” lectures are recorded for later viewing, as is a weekly pre-recorded lecture. The course schedule and syllabus are available here: Survey Law 1. The fee for this course is $750.00 plus HST, and payable to AOLS. This fee cannot be treated as tuition under the Income Tax Act and is not eligible for refund after the course has started.

Registration for Survey Law 1 is via AOLS. Once payment is confirmed, you will receive an enrolment key and instructions to register for the course on the Four Point Learning site to access class materials, and to participate remotely. There are no in-person classes. Registering by early August will allow for enough time to receive the course book, Principles of Boundary Law in Canada and to use the time to get familiar with underlying concepts and overall approach.