Online Courses

UNB is offering an online course to aid candidates studying for the C5 – GIS exam, or E1 – Spatial Databases exam.

Course description

BCIT offers several online courses that are of particular interest to CBEPS candidates, since successful completion can earn an exam exemption (with an average mark of 60% or more).  Go to for more information

C2 – Least Squares Estimation & Data Analysis
GEOM 8353 – Special Topics in Adjustments

C3 – Advanced Surveying
GEOM 8363 – Advanced Topics in Precision Surveying

C4 – Coordinate Systems & Map Projections

GEOM 7362 – Geodetic Positioning I
(note that this only covers half the exemption requirements – candidates also need SURV 3363 – Mathematical Cartography)

C6 – Geodetic Positioning

GEOM 7362 Geodetic Positioning I
GEOM 8162 Geodetic Positioning II

C7 – Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry

GIST 8118 GIS Remote Sensing
(note that this only covers half the exemption requirements  – candidates also need GEOM 7307 Advanced Digital Mapping)

C12 – Hydrographic Surveying

GEOM 8310 Hydrographic Surveying & Oceanography