Study Resources

Learning Outcomes and Study Guides
Study guides and learning outcomes for each of the 11 core and 4 elective subjects.

C3 - Advanced Surveying study materials
All four sessions of our C3 - Advanced Surveying webinars are now available at Geo-Ed. Study materials, as listed in the C3 - Advanced Surveying study guide

Guides for Sale 
CBEPS offers some study materials for purchase online. Lecture notes for subjects C7, C8 and C12 are $15 each. The new Survey Law for Land Surveyors in Canada book is available at a cost of $85. All study materials listed are in .pdf format, and will be emailed directly to you

Online Courses
BCIT offers several online courses that are of particular interest to CBEPS candidates, since successful completion can earn an exam exemption.  UNB is now offering an online course as an aid for candidates studying the C5 or E1 exams.

Previous Years Exams
Download previous years examinations for study, all exams are in PDF format for ease of use.
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